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This is for a set of three 60-minute voice sessions. In-person sessions are available at the Claremont and Waterford studios. Online sessions are also available via Google Meet.


Clients may tailor their individual voice sessions to achieve their vocal goals. This can include: singing; professional/occupational vocal use (speaking); public speaking (including acting); troubled voice; and accent adjustment.


For online sessions, we ask that clients ensure they possess a suitable space for voice sessions (somewhere where they feel comfortable speaking or singing). It is highly advised that the space has a keyboard (please note: this is mandatory for singing lessons).

Set of 3 Voice Sessions (60-Minutes)

  • Please note that we have a 48-hour cancellation policy. Sessions not cancelled with 48 hours' advanced notice will incur the full charges of the scheduled session.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds. Sessions can, however, be rescheduled.

    Please respect the cancellation policy when re-booking. Thank you for supporting a local business!

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