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Expression, Technique, Freedom


'I have referred my patients with benign laryngeal disease to Professor McClosky for nearly two decades.


His results with the treatment of vocal cord nodules and polyps, dysphonia plica-ventricularis, puberphonic voice, vocal cord paralysis, spastic dysphonia and many others have been indeed outstanding. 


I not only recommend and endorse the McClosky technique, but salute this dedicated man of science.'

Patricia Alessi CMVT is focussed on helping you to achieve your voice's functionality at its best.


Founded by David Blair McClosky, the goal of the McClosky Technique is functional efficiency.


It utilises a client-focussed approach to assist clients with achieving their vocal goals.


The McClosky Technique focusses on coordinating the different parts of the vocal mechanism so that each part of the body is doing its proper job.


Whether in speech or song, the end result is the same: vocal efficiency with little or no effort wasted. 


Certified McClosky Voice Technicians (CMVTs) teach a series of exercises to release counter-productive tensions, a postural stance that promotes efficient, easy breathing, and an easy onset of tone (flow phonation).

William W Montgomery,

Harvard surgeon


Patricia's vocal services include vocal tuition and coaching; acting; professional voice use; public speaking; corporate care; lecturer/teacher care; troubled voices; and accent coaching.

Patricia regularly works with clients who rely upon their voices for their professions. From lawyers to teachers to customer service representatives to psychologists and beyond, Patricia has worked across industries to protect, support and enhance vocal efficiency in Australia.

Patricia works with clients to alleviate vocal complaints, including but not limited to:


- Lack of Vocal Projection/'Being Heard'

- Vocal Strain/Fatigue

- Vocal Loss/Laryngitis

- Raspy/Hoarse Voice

- Loss of Range/Pitch Control

- Monotone Voice

- Unexpected Change in Vocal Sound/Timbre/Colour

- Raw/Achy/Strained Throat/Voice (Vocal Pain)

- Effortful Talking/Struggling to Speak

- Repeatedly Clearing One's Throat

- Vocal Overuse/Abuse

- Poor/Harmful Vocal Technique


If you rely upon your voice for your profession, then book your session online with Patricia now. 


Just click on Appointments for her real-time calendar! 

In addition to one-on-one sessions, Professional Development Workshops are regularly held throughout the year.


Please click on Appointments to book for the next scheduled workshop session. 


Updates on PD Workshops are also provided by the Perth Voice Specialist - Patricia Alessi, CMVT Facebook page and Instagram Account.



Patricia offers the following specialised services:

- Corporate Care
- Teacher's/Lecturer's Wellbeing

- Relaxation and Realignment
Just click on Appointments to book your specialised session today!


Patricia is a registered consultant with companies, departments and even local government areas (LGAs) across Australia.

Contact your Human Resources representative to see if your company, department or LGA is registered with Patricia to support your vocal needs!

If your organisation is not yet registered, please contact Patricia at or at 0434 351 142 to set up your vocal consultancy services today!


Launching in 2024, Patricia will be offering onsite holistic services, including:

- On-Site One-to-One Sessions
- On-Site Vocal Assessments (incl an environmental assessment) 

These on-site sessions provide an opportunity for Patricia to gain further insight into your everyday vocal environment and usage.

This assists in developing the best personalised plan to support your vocal needs and usage, including a plan to achieve your own vocal goals.

To set up your onsite session and/or assessment, contact Patricia at or at 0434 351 142 today!

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