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'I have referred my patients with benign laryngeal disease to Professor McClosky for nearly two decades. His results with the treatment of vocal cord nodules and polyps, dysphonia plica-ventricularis, puberphonic voice, vocal cord paralysis, spastic dysphonia and many others have been indeed outstanding.  I not only recommend and endorse the McClosky technique, but salute this dedicated man of science.'

- William W Montgomery, Harvard surgeon


Founded by David Blair McClosky, the goal of the McClosky Technique is functional efficiency. It utilises a client-focussed approach to assist clients with achieving their vocal goals.


The McClosky Technique focusses on coordinating the different parts of the vocal mechanism so that each part of the body is doing its proper job.


Whether in speech or song, the end result is the same: vocal efficiency with little or no effort wasted. 


Certified McClosky Voice Technicians (CMVTs) teach a series of exercises to release counter-productive tensions, a postural stance that promotes efficient, easy breathing, and an easy onset of tone (flow phonation).

Patricia's vocal services include vocal tuition and coaching; acting; professional voice use; public speaking; troubled voices; and accent coaching.

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